The Complete Wechat Ecosystem Growth Hacking Playbook

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Editorial Note: This article was written by founder at XiaoLieBian (Little Fission) original published on their company website in Chinese language.

Hello, I am Zhang Dongqing, the founder of Little Fission, and I am very happy to meet you.

In the event that the traffic dividend is gradually disappearing and the cost of obtaining traffic is getting higher and higher, it is hoped that our small fission fission system products can help you obtain customers at low cost, high efficiency and exponential level.

“User fission growth” can be said to be a very hot concept in recent years. Some people have indeed gained millions through fission play, and they have made their heads large in just a few months; in just one year, The number of friends on the team’s WeChat fissioned to one million, and sales doubled.

This violent hacker growth has attracted many entrepreneurs and operators, some of them have NetEase drama classes that have burst into the circle of friends, and they have been rushing into various big coffee group activities, as well as unusually simple and rude free book-sending . Behind the gameplay is to use fission thinking to do operational activities, it is indeed effective!

At the end of 2016, I began to study the new powder raising method under WeChat ecology, which was regarded as the first batch of operators to obtain customers by WeChat ecological fission. Successfully applied to the series of public accounts under the postgraduate education, with zero cost in 3 months, and obtained 500,000 accurate postgraduate users, becoming the first WeChat traffic in the online field of postgraduate.

Throughout 2017, through its own series of fission fans, it has accumulated nearly 1 million users and successfully sold 400,000 followers to a WeChat head.

During the Spring Festival of 2018, with the Dongfeng of the blockchain, planning two phases of activities, successfully obtained 100,000 blockchain accurate users within 4 days at a cost of 0. Indeed, he has personally witnessed the direct data power brought by fission growth, doing operations, speaking with data! WeChat’s 1 billion monthly live, where the user is, the focus of the enterprise’s work, the focus of the operator’s work should be. For us to do growth, it is extremely important to study the load-bearing point of traffic within an ecosystem and the destination of traffic input and output.

WeChat ecology, public number, personal number (friend circle), community, applet, these four points are the most able to reach users, we call it traffic contacts. So how can these four flow contacts get users, fission users, retain users, and transform users with low cost and high efficiency?

80% of the traffic is in the hands of 20% of people. Today I hope to share with you some of the unknown thoughts about WeChat traffic. There are tools! There is a way!

Part 1 Public account fission

The fission of the public account is commonly known as the mission treasure.

Fission efficiency: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fission cost: low
Fission user accuracy: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Key factors of fission growth: fission prizes, fission rules, fission posters, fission primary channels Applicable types: certified service number, certified subscription Fission Tool: Small Fission-Public Fission System

Fission growth principle

The reason why the fission of the public account is called the task treasure by the public is because the fission activity attracts users through prizes and allows users to complete fixed tasks before they can receive prizes.

To put it simply: planning prizes for events-setting up rules for receiving prizes-guiding users to share fission posters-a pyramid mode in which users influence users, and attracting constant attention from new users.

Fission user growth path

The following is a detailed explanation of the vernacular:

Take first-level user A as an example. The

fission poster is pushed to user A. User A will scan the code to receive the public account message rules & event poster picture. User A needs to invite new users to participate in order to get the event prizes. User

A invites friends B. , user B to user a scan code access number of public attention, help complete the task active

a user receives a message through the power of user B public number, and user B into the fission process, the public will push the number of individuals belonging to user B invitation poster

B user In order to receive the prize, he will share his friend C who invited him. User C scans the code for user B and then pays attention to the public account to complete the task of assisting the activity. In

this way, the activity loops back and forth to achieve the effect of fission propagation

Everyone can directly look at the picture of this pyramid to feel the principle of fission and user growth more intuitively.

The users at the top of this pyramid are called first-level users of fission activities, and those who spread through the first-level users are called second-level users, and so on. Therefore, please note that the number and quality of first-level users are very important for fission activities to obtain enough accurate users!

For different industries, different fission prizes and rules can be set according to user attributes. For example, the beauty industry can choose prizes such as beauty makeup, lipstick, mask, etc., and the education industry can choose books and online big coffee courses as prizes. Starting from user needs: fission prizes are based on the needs of users who want to grow their business!

Fission Case Process

Part 2 Distribution fission

Distribution fission, as a fission gameplay that can both fetch customers and directly complete business transformation, is highly recommended

Fission efficiency: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fission cost: ⭐
Fission user accuracy: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fission growth key factors: interest-induced secondary fission
Fission tool: small fission-distribution fission system

Fission growth principle

The so-called distribution, in simple terms, is to use your existing connections to help you spread and help companies sell products. With the help of the distribution system, each user can generate their own promotional posters and use the posters to promote and share this product or event.

As long as someone places an order by scanning the code through the user ’s exclusive poster, the user can get a certain percentage of cashback rewards , and the proportion of this reward is set by the event organizer.

Fission user growth path

The following is a detailed explanation of the vernacular:

Take first-level user A as an example. The

fission poster is pushed to user A. User A scans the code to participate in product purchase. User A generates a personal distribution fission poster in order to obtain a distribution bonus.

User A invites friend B to participate in the purchase. Fission poster, complete product purchase.

User A immediately receives the distribution bonus reminder, and user B enters the fission process.

User B generates a personal distribution fission poster to obtain the distribution bonus. Invite his friend C user

C user to scan B user personal distribution fission poster After completing the product purchase, user B immediately receives the distribution bonus reminder.

As a result, every user participating in the fission event will receive a distribution bonus, and the event will go back and forth to achieve the effect of fission propagation.

Fission Case Process

Part 3 Mini Program Fission

The WeChat Ecology was a little dull before the small program was born, and it needed something new. The emergence of small programs has activated the flow of the entire WeChat ecosystem, making the WeChat ecosystem, which is difficult to realize and expensive, instantly lively! The small program is likely to turn the entire WeChat Internet into a huge traffic depression. So we can see the explosive growth of Pinduoduo traffic, and one small program after another became popular.

There is no mature third-party fission growth tool on the market except for small fission. Most of the growth of small programs is based on the product logic of APP for self-growth. I previously predicted that the small program products will also be homogenized in the second half of 2018. The third-party operating tools of the small program will help the user’s fission growth of the small program. Judging from the current ecology of the entire small program, it does verify my conjecture.

Fission efficiency: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fission cost: ⭐⭐
Fission user accuracy: ⭐⭐⭐
Fission growth key factors: Small program products self-growth
Fission tools: small fission-small program fission system

Mini-program fission

I do n’t need to say more about the success of the Pinduoduo program. Except that people are the sons of Tencent baba, the Pinduoduo program is the ultimate in fission.

The fission mode is to fight groups. A product on Pinduoduo “entertains” users to “share” to take the initiative to get low-priced products to forward and share. Users can share to WeChat groups and WeChat after initiating sharing in the WeChat environment. Friends, invite everyone to complete the group together. And after the user completes the sharing successfully, the payment link can also be completed with one click in the applet, which is very convenient.

Power-assisted small program fission

The fission growth of this kind of small program is consistent with the fission idea of ​​the public account task. Through the courses or prizes as an attraction point, guide users to share and call for user assistance to achieve a fixed number of assistance, you can receive courses for free / get prizes. Among them, the small lighthouse with knowledge-paying products is particularly outstanding:

Lottery small program fission

The gift said that with the innovation of lottery play, based on the special scene of gift-giving, and with the help of the form of lottery to achieve the growth of communication. In 18 years, taking advantage of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, the gift said that United Real Kung Fu has cooperated with many well-known enterprises, self-media, and industry communities, etc., which has burst the Internet social circle.

At the same time, the lottery assistant applet developed by Mr. Feng Dahui is convenient and easy to use. It appears frequently in various scenes. As a typical interactive tool product, it is deeply loved by users.

Resurrection Mini Program Fission

In 2018, there was a huge wave of small games, and the small program opened many small game development components and permissions. Many developers use the sharing function of mini-games to the fullest, so there will be a small game resurrection group, and various groups have also been swiped by the small game sharing cards with the words “for resurrection”. The principle is very simple. You will die when you play a small game. You want to continue the game and guide users to share before they can be resurrected. (This way of forcing users to share has been officially banned by WeChat)

There are also test mini-program fission and flaunt mini-program fission . These two gameplays are used in H5 marketing more. You can directly see the relevant gameplay:

Is it particularly familiar? These are all marketing cases that have been brushed in the circle of friends, and are also applicable in a small program environment.

Therefore, the fission growth of small programs, for the development and team, the fission of the product itself is more suitable when the small program official is still doing it, and the test is more the product’s fission ability .

Part 4 Community fission

At present, people who started their lives through community fission include: books, light lessons, manuscripts, reading at ten o’clock, etc.

Community fission is a relatively safe fission inflation method that I personally think of in fission inflation activities, because it is based on the WeChat group for user fission sharing, and it does not belong to the category of public attention.

But the biggest drawback is that the community has a short life cycle and high operating costs, which is a slow work.

Fission efficiency: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fission cost: ⭐⭐
Fission user accuracy: ⭐⭐⭐
Fission growth key factors: fission prizes, fission rules, fission posters, fission community KOL
fission tools: small fission-community fission system

Principles of community fission play

The principle of community fission gameplay is based on the activities of online sharing courses, data collection, preferential benefits, etc., which are gimmicky users in the community to forward and share the fission behavior. With the help of the group effect of the community and the common goal, promote and guide users to share, forward and recommend online.

The most amazing thing about the community is that community users have the four characteristics of common tags, decentralization, community of interests, and organization. The first premise that a community can form is that everyone in the community thinks they can profit from it. The fission of the community happens to be the effect of group profit, which has inspired this community of interests to explode and spread explosively.

Growth path of community fission users

This picture is a complete path for community fission users to follow the public account-enter the group-share and spread .
First of all, our operators push the posters of community fission events and spread them among the basic first-level user groups.

The following is a detailed explanation of the vernacular:

Take first-class user A as an example, the

fission poster is pushed to user A. User A scans the code and pays attention to the public number. The public number automatically pops up the guide language + community QR code (it can also be placed on the menu bar to guide the user to obtain the community by triggering the menu QR code), user A starts to scan the code to enter the group

. After entering the group, the group robots set in the group automatically @Auser, push the fission guide copy + fission poster. In order to obtain community rewards,

user A shares the fission poster A’s friend B according to the robot’s requirements to see that user A is participating in this activity, recognizes the fission poster QR code, pays attention to the public number

, and then pushes the user’s guidance language + community two Dimension code. User B scans the code and enters the group. After entering the group, the group robots set in the group automatically @Buser, push the fission guide copy + fission poster.

In order to receive community rewards, the

user B shares the fission poster B ’s friends according to the robot ’s requirements. C sees that user B is participating in this activity, recognizes the fission poster QR code and pays attention to the public number. The public account then pushes the C user guidance language + community QR code

C user to scan the code into the group. After entering the group, the group robots set in the group automatically @C user, push the fission guide copy + fission poster. In order to obtain community rewards, users C share the fission posters according to the robot requirements,

and the activities are repeated in cycles to achieve the fission propagation effect.

Community fission case process

Part 5 Personal Customer Service Number Fission

The personal customer service number can also be fission-growing. The WeChat client interface is called to realize the personal customer service number is automatically added by the user.

Fission efficiency: ⭐⭐⭐
Fission into cost: Medium
Fission user accuracy: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Key factors of fission growth: fission prizes, fission rules, fission posters, fission first-level channels
Applicable types: personal WeChat (new and old numbers apply) )
Fission tool: small fission-personal number fission system

The value of personal customer service number fission to gain customers

First of all, ask everyone a question: What is the goal of the operation?
It is nothing more than carrying out operations around the three points of user growth, business conversion, and brand communication. The WeChat personal customer service number serves as the end of private domain traffic and carries the mission of user service and business conversion. It is the flow contact that needs to be done the most, and the sooner the more advantageous.

For the business team, if the business comes from WeChat traffic, please pay attention to the accumulation of customer service account traffic. Many companies know to do fission activities, public account fission, community fission, but only ignore the fission of personal customer service.

So what are the benefits of getting a customer service number?
One group is very powerful, that is, “WeChat quotient.” I do n’t have any good or bad evaluation for the group of Wechat, but the marketing ideas of this group are worth learning. Existence is reasonable, not to mention the existence and growth of this group for so many years.

The benefits of customer service account acquisition:
1) Repeated marketing of users, through the circle of friends, mass distribution
2) The reserve army of public account traffic, when our operators are ready to trade fission activities, personal customer service numbers can be used as promotion channels, sent together It will greatly promote the explosive growth of fission activities
3) The transfer of brand value, customer service number represents the brand image, a more personalized brand, close to users, and enhance brand friendliness

Growth path of personal customer service number fission users

The principle of fission growth of personal customer service numbers is the same as that of public account fission growth: attract users through prizes, and let users complete fixed tasks to receive prizes.

The gameplay is the same as the logic of the fission of the subscription number, and it needs a fission poster to spread. However, the two-dimensional code on the user identification fission poster is to add a customer service number, and the assistance relationship between users is to generate an association relationship by sending a digital code to the customer service number. This method can not only ensure that the user is added to the personal customer service number, but also can provide real-time feedback to the user on the latest fission activity progress, with excellent results.

Last May, I visited an entrepreneur in Hangzhou. They used the company’s power to do personal account traffic, and more than 100 personal customer service accounts were doing fission activities at the same time. Every day, 30,000 to 50,000 users were added, and they were all friends! The value is very high! Last year’s sales were 100 million yuan, and this year’s target is 200 million yuan. The speed is fast.

Therefore, the fission of the personal account is slightly better than the WeChat public account and WeChat group in terms of user quality. It is also a very exciting and challenging thing to accumulate tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of personal customer service number friends through the operation method of personalized customer service number matrix.

Fission Case Flow of Personal Customer Service Number

to sum up

The flow of WeChat ecology will become more and more expensive, and it will become more and more difficult for users to obtain. How to acquire users at low cost, high efficiency and exponential level? ** “WeChat ecological user fission growth” ** has been repeatedly mentioned.

User fission and private domain traffic are behind the anxiety that companies are facing growth. A series of user fission growth tool systems provided by our small fission can assist enterprises to obtain customers with low cost, high efficiency and exponential fission. Everyone is welcome to cooperate with our small fission and purchase our fission system products.

Growth Hacker (growth hacker) as an aggregation of three roles of marketing, product development, and data analysis, will be more popular in the era of WeChat Internet!

Product managers and operations that can grow will be more valuable, or people who make products in the WeChat ecosystem must understand operations extremely. ** “WeChat product operations” ** such a role in the workplace will be more valued by companies.

Can deeply understand the logical relationship of the four traffic contacts in the WeChat ecosystem: public account, personal number, community, and applet, see through the user’s direction, borrow WeChat’s natural social attributes for fission growth, and believe that it will welcome Growth belonging to China’s WeChat Internet Hacker (growth hacker) era!

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