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5 min readApr 13, 2020

In the future, commercial display will become the main channel business in the TCL Group from the edge business to the center.

Recently, TCL Zhixian held an online conference and released an integrated solution in 6 application scenarios. The six scenarios are: smart office, smart business, smart medical treatment, smart transportation, command and dispatch, and smart education.

Zhang Zhiwei, vice president of TCL Electronics Holdings Co., Ltd. and general manager of TCL Business Information Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd “The goal of TCL’s business is to move from the edge to the main channel business of TCL Group. Although Zhixian’s supply and demand are highly fragmented, it is difficult to form a scale effect, but if software and hardware are combined with solutions, it can still seek rapid development.”

Previously, TCL had a high reputation in the field of consumer electronics, but the volume of commercial displays was still small. In the future, more resources of the Group may be tilted towards commercial display business.

Relying on TCL Group’s Huaxing photoelectric panel and consumer electronics business, TCL Zhixian has built a four-matrix hardware product matrix with “screen” as its core advantage, including dedicated display screen, interactive screen, splicing screen and commercial intelligent terminal. Although Chinese LCD companies all have dreams of intelligent commercial display, TCL’s global brand + supply chain + platform operation mode may widen the gap between companies.

In many subdivision scenarios such as education and medical treatment, there are already strong software and hardware solutions. But Zhang Zhiwei emphasized that these solutions are highly fragmented, and the needs of industry users are integrated and highly integrated. Therefore, the hardware of TCL Zhixian will be combined with 4 software platforms to provide “standardized hardware + modular software + differentiated customized development of subdivided scenarios”, hoping to form its own advantages with a one-stop solution.

In addition to the press conference, Zhang Zhiwei also expressed his views on the development prospect of Zhixian in China and the emerging demand after the epidemic. The following is a summary of the group interviews.

Q: There are relatively strong software and hardware products in several market segments in the commercial field. What is the difference between TCL’s products?

Zhang Zhiwei: In the field of intelligent commercial display, most companies only focus on local scenes and provide personalized products, not global products. There are few integrated solution providers on the market. However, the needs of customers in the commercial display industry are integration, integration of hardware and software, and the demand for comprehensive solutions will become more and more urgent.

TCL Zhixian can quickly build a college model of subdivided scenes, at the same time integrate software and integrators, and graft the screen of Huaxing Optoelectronics.

Q: What is the position of TCL Group on TCL Zhixian? What goals need to be completed?

Zhang Zhiwei: TCL has taken the lead in the field of consumer electronics, but the B-end business is relatively small. In the future, TCL’s commercial display business will move from the edge business to the center within the group and become the main channel business.

The synergy between TCL Zhixian and the group’s business, the first is the screen resources provided by Huaxing Optoelectronics, the second is the supply chain capabilities, the third is the capabilities based on artificial intelligence, big data, 5G and cloud computing, and the fourth is TCL’s communication The business, whether it is Alcatel, BlackBerry, or the global business of communications, can be reused. Fifth is the reuse of TCL Electronics in the design, R & D, manufacturing, services, and channels of display devices.

Q: What are the companies that can compete with TCL Zhixian on the same stage in the future? What are the advantages of TCL Zhixian?

Zhang Zhiwei: LCD display companies in China, such as TV companies, are actually struggling to fight in the field of commercial display. I think there are five conditions for becoming a giant in the future: the first is whether it can be platformized, the hardware platform + software modularity; the second is whether there are special resources, such as TCL screens; Chain ecology; the fourth is whether there is a global brand; the fifth is whether it can do some things related to 5G and AI.

Q: After the new infrastructure is proposed, what new opportunities and demands will appear in commercial display?

Zhang Zhiwei: Many of the new infrastructures are construction projects, not related to commercial displays. However, there are opportunities in several areas. The first is that the high-speed rail construction of the central government has reached a certain scale, and the local government’s rail transportation will be a new growth point. TCL Zhixian has some unique resources, including station P4 screens, Car bar screen etc. The second is the medical system. The informationization, digitization and intelligent transformation of the entire hospital will become the focus. The third is remote conferences and education, from complementary to normal. The fourth is a smart city. The services of daily life are actually provided by commercial organizations, and digital upgrading will be a huge opportunity.

Q: What are the main and secondary scenes of the TCL smart display layout?

Zhang Zhiwei: From the rhythm of landing, we give priority to intelligent interaction (intelligent office, online education), and will also make breakthroughs in command and dispatch. In the areas of public services (smart transportation, smart healthcare) and smart business, we are more of a layout than a breakthrough.

Q: Do you think commercial display will become a new traffic scenario? Can TCL Zhixian become another leg of TCL Group?

Zhang Zhiwei: I think it is immature at this stage, because the commercial display equipment has orders of magnitude difference compared to the C terminal. In addition, the commercial display product has a special purpose. It is a production equipment, not a personal consumer product, so it cannot load other things To interfere with work use.

In a short period of time, the scale of commercial displays is limited because of fragmentation of supply and demand, it is impossible to form a scale effect. But if I expand from hardware to solutions, I think that through platform operation, it can bring about an increase in business scale.

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