Chinese superKOL WeiYa uses 14 skills to sell 3 Billion Yuans of Products in 1 day

16 min readApr 13, 2020

Recently, Wei Ya live broadcast again is in hot search. That ’s right, it ’s the live broadcast of Wei Ya who sells rockets.

It happened that for more than a week, I was studying Wei Ya’s live streaming skills. I watched her live broadcast regularly every day.

Let’s take a look at her amazing delivery results:

In 2017, soon after Weiya started to be a “live broadcast e-commerce”, 70 million sales were sold in a live broadcast; in 2018, Weiya set a record. Within two hours after the Double 11th, the sales reached 267 million. Tianchao 300 million yuan; Double 11 in 2019, Weiya’s sales exceeded 3 billion yuan, and the number of viewers in a single live broadcast exceeded 40 million …

In the words of former Taobao live broadcaster @ 赵 圆圆, it is:

In any platform, any KOL who dare to claim to be the “Queen of Goods” is in front of Wei Ya, a rhythm of being seconds.

Frankly speaking, after watching more than 10 live broadcasts of Wei Ya, I admitted that I couldn’t hold myself to be converted and bought a lot of things (Want to ask the boss if this is a work-related injury?), But I did summarize some of them from it. The live broadcast method used.

Next, I will imitate Wei Ya’s live streaming and delivery skills, and simulate an online live selling operation skills map 3.0. I hope this method of analysis and practice can give some inspiration to the friends who are studying Taobao live broadcast or preparing to do live broadcast.

01 The first thing about live streaming, the draw

Without further ado, let’s start with a wave of draws.

The first thing that Wei Ya started to broadcast was the lottery. Attracting users with a lottery draw not only activates the live broadcast room atmosphere, but also gives users a sense of participation.

Regardless of which live broadcast or live broadcast of any theme, Wei Ya’s live broadcast was initially a “lottery” that was untouchable.

Moreover, the lottery password is simple and label-like, such as Doravia; or related to festivals, such as Happy April Fool’s Day; or related to products.

The fixed opening form has marked the user’s mind invisibly. For the old users, even if they can’t win the prize, they want to join in the fun, so they will squat to watch Wei Ya live broadcast.

So what do we do when we sell maps live?

“Not much nonsense, let’s start with a wave of draws. Come, all the operating partners, put” Want Map “on the screen, let’s first draw 5 people to send a copy of the classic map for free …”

02 Preview all product offers

After drawing the prizes, Wei Ya will announce the discounts in the live broadcast room to let the users know what they want. And put out the biggest discount “spoiler” to increase user expectations:

There are XX sweaters and XX shoes tonight, but the number is relatively small. There are only 5,000 pieces in total. There will be a classic spike price in the live room today … In addition, there are XX tonight, XX, which is cheaper than Double 11. ; And XX, I like that very much, I often eat …

It is worth mentioning that the whole process of Wei Ya’s live preview is very natural, and chatting with users Tianshun has finished the goods to be brought to the live broadcast.

Before the start of the live broadcast, pass the goods with greater discounts

If I learn to sell maps on Weiya live broadcast, I will also give you a preview after the draw. What are the discounts in the live broadcast room today?

In addition to the spike price of the classic version of the map in our live room tonight, there is also a hardcover version of the spike, which can only be enjoyed in our live room.

And we are also preparing for the spike price of the suit version, and here to ensure that we will not have such a cheap price on Double 11 …

After the notice is completed, another wave of draws will be held to retain users:

We ca n’t just sell it, we have to give it away, draw 5 small partners to send a hardcover map with a guide price of 79.9 yuan. Come on, the friends will call the password: more systematic and more practical …

03 Collect user needs

Another feature of Weiya live broadcast is that it keeps interacting with users at all times during the live broadcast. Understand their concerns like friends and family, collect users’ needs, and sell what the user wants.

Many people say that Weiya is like Doraemon, selling everything and everything, so Weiya is called “Dora Weiya” by everyone.

It is said that the things that Wei Ya lived out of the room were basically sold, from cups, mirrors, to lighting curtains in the background. As long as the fans call for something, the team will find a way to find the goods on the shelves.

In addition, Weiya will also establish strong connections with users based on your needs and feedback. Call the users affectionately as “Via’s women”, to shorten the distance with the users and enhance the trust between each other.

What should we do when we sell maps live?

We have no way to let users mention all kinds of needs when they first come to our live broadcast room.

Put all the things that may be sold into the live room, and guide users to be curious about the products in the live room. For example, you can put Xiaoxiaoxian dolls in the live room, operate special canvas bags, and knowledge calendar. Sell ​​around.

04Turn “shortcomings” into “advantages”

The products broadcast by Wei Ya have been tried by herself. When explaining the product functions to the user, she will present the advantages and disadvantages of the product in multiple dimensions, so that the user feels very real and has no routine.

She will not exaggerate that the product is suitable for everyone, but will specifically emphasize what kind of person is suitable and who is not suitable. She will even talk about “shortcomings” as “advantages” for certain groups of people.

To give a small example, Wei Ya had a live broadcast selling showers like this:

The shortcoming of this shower is that unlike other showers, there is no jet-like “swift” water flow. Its water flow is a little small … but it does not affect it at all. This small water flow is especially suitable for girls and is good for the skin …

How do we use this method? For example, I will describe the product of the operation skill map as follows:

The operation skill map is suitable for Internet operation practitioners, especially for Xiaobai, who is just getting started, and small partners who want to systematically sort out operational knowledge and skills …

If you are not in the Internet industry, small partners who are not related to operational work are not recommended to buy, and you will not understand it even if you buy it back.

The disadvantage of the map is that the amount of information is too large, the knowledge density is relatively high, and it is not easy to digest. It is very suitable for small partners who can sink their hearts to study … Each time you look at it, you can have new gains …

05 Expand the audience of the product

Another feature of Weiya Live is to find ways to expand the target audience of the product and tell about multiple trial scenarios of the product.

For example, when selling the “wrong printer” on the live broadcast, she will explain the basic function of the product-after printing the wrong question, she will present a brand new product usage scenario:

This is not only for children, but also as manuscripts, post-it notes …

If you buy cosmetics, all of them are incomprehensible in English words, you can print out (English annotations of cosmetics) and paste them on the bottle, this is what my mom did …

How would we imitate it? I will think of expanding the target users of operational skill maps to product managers:

Our Operation Skill Map 3.0 is not only applicable to operators, but product managers also need system knowledge related to operations.

Why do product managers have to understand operations? The product is to have children, the operation is to raise children, and the product managers who are revolving around the children and have an understanding of the operation work, the communication with the operation is much smoother …

06 The tone is flustered, the rhythm is in place

Wei Ya’s speech is very fast, especially when introducing how to use the product, she is particularly skilled at one go. When she speaks faster, when she slows down, when she accentuates, when she repeats, she is very skilled.

She rarely uses adjectives, such as what is really delicious. Instead, it shows the product from the side, such as “I like to eat this from their home”, focusing on the core selling points of the product:

This spicy hot pot is the most amazing of all the hot pots I have ever sold. The characteristics of his hot pot are: first, second, third …

When explaining the core selling points of the product, she will slow down and increase her tone. In particular, promotional information is generally repeated at least twice.

What should we say about selling maps live?

Of all the knowledge products, Operation Skill Map 3.0 is the most amazing …

It contains 10 major operational skill directions, integrating 63 knowledge modules, and each skill module is presented as a label. You can find the corresponding skill direction within 5 seconds, and then quickly locate the content and find a solution to the problem. Can solve more than 90% of the problems in the operation …

It is worth mentioning that Weiya’s little assistant Qi’er is really awesome, can take the words and can make a round.

Like “Guide Attention”, “Screenshot Raffle”, “Preferential Information”, “Product Basic Functions”, etc., the secondary content that does not require Weiya’s efforts is all broadcast by Qier over and over again.

Just like we just do live broadcast, one thing that may not be done well is that some assistants may not know when to say what, it is easy to grab the anchor. This requires us to do a good job of the division of the anchor and assistant before the live broadcast. The division of labor can be as detailed as everyone’s words.

07 Talk about user experience and dispel user doubts

Wei Ya will share with the user intentionally or unintentionally during the live broadcast. The people around you are using some of the products in the live broadcast room:

For example, the team’s small partners are in use, employees are robbing, and family members are using:

This is the mask on the washstand in my house. This is also used by my husband, my mother, and I bought one for my daughter.

A few simple words, invisibly enhance the user’s sense of trust and enhance the user’s loyalty.

Team members try the product

How to use this method to sell live maps? I might say this:

Operation Skill Map 3.0 Our company’s employees are using it every day, and many large companies such as Tencent and Ali are using it …

08Guide to give away, increase the number of customers

Guide to give away, increase the number of single purchases by users, is a commonly used skill in Wei Ya live broadcast.

For example, when Wei Ya live-sells baby diapers, she mentioned that you can get gifts by exchanging cards.

Although I am not a treasure mom, but when I heard that I could buy a product card and give it to someone, I would have an idea that I wanted to buy it and give it to my girlfriend. Many users listened to what the anchor said, “Buy to give away, buy to store goods”, and followed blind consumption.

How to use this technique? In order to guide you to buy more operational skill maps, I might say this:

As soon as Map 3.0 came out, I bought 2 copies for my friend. When his boss saw the result, he asked his teammates to share one copy …

I might also say that I bought it for a friend and gave it to a child at home. The operational thinking needs to be developed from an early age … buy it for the team, buy it for the boss …

09 turning surprises, stepped offers

The promotion logic of Weiya’s live room is “continuous surprise of turning point”. What does that mean?

During the live broadcast, how good is the product, and the lowest price in the whole network, then buy the gift, and then add the gift! After these few moves, most people can’t stand it. (I was transformed by the gifts and discounts coming from the face)

Wei Ya also has a typical “discount” trick: ladder-style discounts. For example, when reporting the price of a commodity, it would generally say:

19.9 yuan for the first box, 9.9 yuan for the second, and no money for the third box;

The first one is 39 yuan, the second one is 19 yuan, the third one is 9 yuan, and the fourth one is free …

It is cost-effective to buy several copies at once, and accidentally fall into the psychological trap of “buy more and cheaper”. In fact, you only need one.

Interestingly, when Wei Ya had a live broadcast of Zhang Yujian’s Tide Laundry Condensation, she immediately “stunned” the next Zhang Yujian when giving gifts:

This laundry gel beads sells two boxes of 79.9 yuan on the market. In our live room, 79.9 two boxes and two bags of laundry gel beads, but I recommend that you buy two copies, that is, 4 boxes. If you buy two copies, we will send two boxes, a total of 6 boxes. …

Moving this method to selling maps, I would say this:

Operation skill map 1st part is 79.9 yuan, the second part is 69.9 yuan, the third part is not money ……, I do n’t recommend you to buy 1 part, buy 3 parts directly, we will also send a map version 2.0, and then send it to the operation-specific mobile One bag …

10 limited time, limited, price

The core competitiveness of Weiya’s live broadcast room is: “price ratio”, and also meets the three characteristics of time limit, limit and price limit. In the live broadcast room, you may often see her teammates robbing, sometimes even robbing herself.

At the same time, cooperate with the relevant words of time limit, limit and price limit:

The half price is not reached. This discounted price can only be enjoyed in the live broadcast room. Tonight, I only have XX copies in the live broadcast room.

Weiya will limit the number of each link, and pursues “try to sell short as much as possible + replenishment possible”. This is also a common routine for many big anchors.

Basically, the goods will not be finished all at once. The first batch of goods will let everyone have a second, so that the goods are easily sold out. Every time the goods are burned out, Wei Ya will ask the people in the team: Can you still add the goods? Create an atmosphere of hot sales.

In most cases, it can be added again, and if it can’t be added, those who haven’t paid will be kicked out, and the jargon “kicks people”.

The most unstoppable thing is Wei Ya’s words after talking about the discounts and gifts. She helped the fans early and how to buy the best discounts:

Countdown 5 4 3 2 1 Link, come, don’t care about anything, take two copies, two copies is the most favorable …

Copying this method to sell skill maps, I might say this:

Today’s live room will give you 2000 classic editions, 1000 hardcover editions, and 500 suits. There are only so many, it will be gone after the sale, this discount will not be available for Double 11 and only one missed will be gone …

11 Good at festivals and fancy trailers

Wei Ya’s team is particularly good at making festivals, such as beauty festival, life festival, snack festival, fan festival and other festivals.

Wei Ya will guide the users to announce these “festivals” by way of the password during the live broadcast and the draw.

In the process of explaining other products, there will be one or two sentences about the commodity notices on the festival.

Inspired by Weiya, we also want to create a festival about operations, and by that day all our knowledge products will be launched with corresponding discounts.

12 Elaborately “build” the live broadcast room to restore the scene with high intensity

Regarding the scenes of Zhijinjian, former head of Taobao live broadcast @ 赵 圆圆 talked about the Weiya team in the article, and mentioned such a message:

In 2018, Qian Xun (Weiya team) began to spend a lot of money to build a high-definition live broadcast room. At that time, most of the anchors were still on “mobile phone live broadcast”. The high-definition effect of Weiya live broadcast room jumped out directly. The contrasting impression is: SD VS Blu-ray difference.

Later, Weiya developed a habit, no matter where she went to broadcast, she must first decorate a high-definition live room.

Original video link:

The video comes from an article by Zhao Yuanyuan, “Taobao Live Broadcasting the Secret of a Sister Weiya’s Success, You Can Tell It in 10 Minutes”

Because the beauty of the live broadcast room or if it is not very high-definition, it will affect the user experience, and the most direct problem may be the problem of color difference. So don’t skimp on the decoration of the live broadcast room, and pay attention to every detail in the live broadcast room.

For the new anchor, in addition to creating a high-definition scene in the live broadcast room, there is another way. In the words of Zhao Yuanyuan:

“The more grounded the better, the factory or the field, let everyone have a product that you live broadcast must be the source of the goods, it is the feeling of this kind of cost-effective products …”

13 Strong supply chain, focusing on product selection

Regarding the supply of goods, if you are talking about suppliers, the test is the negotiation ability of the anchor team and the bargaining power of the merchant. The Weiya team has a very strong supply chain, which is unmatched by most anchors.

I have to admit that not everyone has bargaining power and it is difficult to cultivate in a short time. If it is a merchant self-broadcast, the problem of supply chain problems is not a problem.

In addition, there are a lot of ways to choose live streaming products.

For example, most of Weiya’s selections are low customer unit prices, low decision thresholds, and high-frequency purchases suitable for hoarding goods. Such as snacks, vacuum cups, various daily necessities, etc. Rarely touch products with high customer prices and high decision thresholds, such as cars and houses.

14 Create a sincere “personal design”, and carry home-made goods

In the Taobao live broadcast ecosystem, for the new anchor, compared to the scene, the source of supply, in fact, the least important thing is people.

But then again, if you can do the first 13 points well, after the live broadcast delivery process is completed, a real and sincere person is placed in front of you.

In addition, you will find that the most words that Weiya speaks in the live room are “husband”, “daughter”, “my mother”, “mother-in-law”, which makes users feel that the anchor is chatting with themselves.

The whole live broadcast process is very comfortable, it feels very sincere, and she can’t feel any routines, it can be transformed invisible. Perhaps sincerity is the biggest routine.

15 Conclusion

If you want to do a live broadcast, you can try to follow Wei Ya’s 14 delivery skills:

1) The first thing in the live broadcast-lottery draw, not much nonsense, a wave of draws;

2) Advance product discounts are given to users at the beginning;

3) Collect user needs and solve user problems;

4) Say the “shortcomings” of the product as “advantages” for some people;

5) Expand the audience of the product;

6) The tone is fluctuating and frustrating, and the rhythm of the live broadcast is controlled in place;

7) Talk about user experience and dispel user doubts;

8) Guide the delivery and increase the number of customers;

9) Turning surprises and ladder discounts;

10) Time limit, limit, price limit;

11) Good at making festivals and fancy notices;

12) Carefully “build” the live broadcast room to restore the scene with high intensity;

13) Have a strong supply chain and focus on product selection;

14) Create a “sincere” personal design, and take the goods by the way of chatting with users.

Or, you can make some adjustments and upgrades based on the characteristics of your product, and then use live streaming as a promotional method.

But after saying so much, the reason why Wei Ya is so powerful is actually the most important thing: cheap …

Reference material: “Taobao Live Broadcasting the Secret of Sister Weiya’s Success, I can make it clear in 10 minutes”, public number: Zhao Yuanyuan.

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