Chinese superKOL WeiYa uses 14 skills to sell 3 Billion Yuans of Products in 1 day

01 The first thing about live streaming, the draw

Without further ado, let’s start with a wave of draws.

02 Preview all product offers

After drawing the prizes, Wei Ya will announce the discounts in the live broadcast room to let the users know what they want. And put out the biggest discount “spoiler” to increase user expectations:

03 Collect user needs

Another feature of Weiya live broadcast is that it keeps interacting with users at all times during the live broadcast. Understand their concerns like friends and family, collect users’ needs, and sell what the user wants.

04Turn “shortcomings” into “advantages”

The products broadcast by Wei Ya have been tried by herself. When explaining the product functions to the user, she will present the advantages and disadvantages of the product in multiple dimensions, so that the user feels very real and has no routine.

05 Expand the audience of the product

Another feature of Weiya Live is to find ways to expand the target audience of the product and tell about multiple trial scenarios of the product.

06 The tone is flustered, the rhythm is in place

Wei Ya’s speech is very fast, especially when introducing how to use the product, she is particularly skilled at one go. When she speaks faster, when she slows down, when she accentuates, when she repeats, she is very skilled.

07 Talk about user experience and dispel user doubts

Wei Ya will share with the user intentionally or unintentionally during the live broadcast. The people around you are using some of the products in the live broadcast room:

08Guide to give away, increase the number of customers

Guide to give away, increase the number of single purchases by users, is a commonly used skill in Wei Ya live broadcast.

09 turning surprises, stepped offers

The promotion logic of Weiya’s live room is “continuous surprise of turning point”. What does that mean?

10 limited time, limited, price

The core competitiveness of Weiya’s live broadcast room is: “price ratio”, and also meets the three characteristics of time limit, limit and price limit. In the live broadcast room, you may often see her teammates robbing, sometimes even robbing herself.

11 Good at festivals and fancy trailers

Wei Ya’s team is particularly good at making festivals, such as beauty festival, life festival, snack festival, fan festival and other festivals.

12 Elaborately “build” the live broadcast room to restore the scene with high intensity

Regarding the scenes of Zhijinjian, former head of Taobao live broadcast @ 赵 圆圆 talked about the Weiya team in the article, and mentioned such a message:

13 Strong supply chain, focusing on product selection

Regarding the supply of goods, if you are talking about suppliers, the test is the negotiation ability of the anchor team and the bargaining power of the merchant. The Weiya team has a very strong supply chain, which is unmatched by most anchors.

14 Create a sincere “personal design”, and carry home-made goods

In the Taobao live broadcast ecosystem, for the new anchor, compared to the scene, the source of supply, in fact, the least important thing is people.

15 Conclusion

If you want to do a live broadcast, you can try to follow Wei Ya’s 14 delivery skills:



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