Original reported on auto.gasgoo.com in Chinese language.

On November 11–13, the “2020 World Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Conference (WICV2020)” was held in Beijing. The event aims to build the world-class platform with the largest scale, the highest level and the most influence in the field of global intelligent networked vehicles, continue to lead the development trend of the global automotive industry, and fully open a new journey for the development of the intelligent networked automotive industry.

The following is the speech made by Dr. Thomas Meurers, General Manager of the China Office of the German Automobile Manufacturers Association (Geschäftsführer bei…

WeRide Founder and CEO Tony Han wishes to have his vision marked on his grave when the time comes in the future. He is one of the pioneers in the field of autonomous driving technology.

When asked about his plan for his 3-year-old startup WeRide to go IPO, Tony Han (Chinese name Han Xu) simply answered “IPO is like the wedding. Whether the marriage afterwards is harmonious and great has absolutely no correlation to the wedding, which is merely a celebration in itself. I am working day and night to make our technology happen, and I just wish to have a self-driving car on my grave when I die.”

Below is the full adaptation of the original Chinese interview of JazzYear (a Chinese Tech Media company) with WeRide’s CEO Tony Han, which took place on…

The reason that the field of autonomous (or self-driving) technology has attracted so much investments and headlines these days is simply that it is not one single industry. The technology itself involves the integration of multiple advanced technologies such as integrated electronic hardware, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and high-precision maps. The field is actually better defined as a massive ecosystem, one that is going to change not just how to travel from point A to point B, but one that has extremely far-fetched implications on how cities are planned and function.

There are thousands of startups globally that…

Zhong Hua, SVP at WeRide.ai told us his personal story from failing this first medial AI startup to joining a mission that any engineer could never resist.

This article is translated from the original Chinese post on ZhiHu.

A corner of WeRide Beijing Office

In 1990, in order to welcome the Asian Games, Beijing built an 11-kilometer secondary road on the east side of the Summer Palace and named it Zhichun Road. Lenovo and Sina in the 1990s started here. Knowing the spring road, knowing the spring of China’s Internet.

Today, there are still important innovative companies on both sides of Zhichun Road. Countless outstanding young…

Original Article published by Li Kai Fu in Chinese. Below is the English translation in English by Google Translate (please bear with some grammatical limitations).

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Recently, it is the opening season of universities. It is the first time to return to campus after the epidemic. I believe everyone is full of joy and vision for the future. When I was 20 years old, I was also enjoying the fun…

This is an article written by Customer Service expert Wei Chi based in Beijing and authorized to be republished by Chinapotion.

The application of AI in customer service has experienced explosive growth in past few years.

Since 2017, my previous company has begun to lay out the innovative technology in our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business. It is a great honor to participate those excited projects. During this period, I learned a lot and took my lessons. Today, I want to write down what happened and my personal opinion for this excited journey.

First of all, as a BPO company with call center business, our core competence is running the operations with the best staff…

ZhangJiang AI Island is a strategic base for AI technologies in China, attracting global tech companies to set up their R&D centers.

Last month Sequoia Capital’s first domestic industry incubation center — — “Sequoia Digital Intelligent Industry Incubation Center” was officially opened in Shanghai Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island. From the name of the project one can probably tell this is the new strategic base for AI R&D in China that has attracted Microsoft to set up their world’s largest lab with 2,800 sq. meters.

As we speak, Trump has been busy signing executive orders on banning whatever that probably came up in his dream the night before. His latest attacks are Chinese companies Tiktok (could be American company soon) and Tencent’s Wechat, claiming that the apps compromise U.S. national security by secretly using users’ personal information. It is precisely this kind of angry and seemingly random punches that Trump threw at China that distracts many’s attention to the real implications of this ever-escalating US-China war. How much really are at stakes? It goes beyond basic data privacy issues. It is not a move to…

1. What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence, also called AI, was proposed by Assistant Professor John McCarthy of Dartmouth University in 1956. However, there has never been a unified view on the definition of artificial intelligence. Different scholars and researchers have put forward a variety of definitions of artificial intelligence according to different contexts and perspectives.

Based on years of investment experience and field due diligence on artificial intelligence projects, the author believes that artificial intelligence refers to the use of machines to replace humans to realize functions such as cognition, recognition, analysis, and decision-making. Its essence is the information process of human consciousness and…


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